One Hundred Days of Solitude

Ira Mukhoty

The rootlessness of family can give you the world

Remorse and Reconciliation

A queer-themed novel about immigrants, spanning Chennai to San Francisco

The Identity Angle in Assam

Why an alliance between the Congress and the AIUDF may end up helping the BJP

Loyalty and Longing

An immigrant’s tale in London raises ethical questions

Nowhere Man

In his novel about a Sri Lankan migrant in Australia, Aravind Adiga makes the reader care with his well-earned facts

The Good Fight

How a woman reclaimed her life from an abusive marriage

Divide and Misrule

The CAA and NRC have provided Indians with an opportunity for soul-searching

Biography as Fiction

Devi S Laskar’s debut novel navigates present-day US with its police brutality, racial tension and immigrant angst

What’s Next in Assam?

The overwhelming demand for updating the National Register of Citizens represents an almost Darwinian struggle of a people to preserve their identity. A journey through the fault lines of Assam

Hope Against Hope

Life stories of young Indians offer insights into how eagerly they want to join the globalised world


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