Android One


For about $100, the phones will now feature a quad-core processor and a long battery life, with Google’s assurance of quality

Android Wear

Android Wear will be an operating system for smartwatches the way Android is for smartphones

Google Nexus 5

This is one of the fastest Android phones available

Lie of the Land

The Survey of India’s case against Google for hosting a map making contest is laughable

Your Privacy as Bargaining Chip

On our schizoid relationship with the social web

Self Realisation: Online

For unlawful carnal knowledge, or even real wisdom, you had better look elsewhere.

What’s Funny About It?

Going by Google’s idea of what constitutes humour, global dominance will elude it for a while yet.

Business Briefing 03/04

Fearlessly Flying From Airwaves to Airlines; Google Cut Corners and Perks Last Year

Search for Change

Google’s war with China is in reality one between competing ideas of society. And we must be ready to choose the right side.

Google’s Super Phone

Apple cannot afford to keep quiet about this. This is going to be fun.


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