Hard Times for Software

Ullekh NP

Indian-origin contractual employees bear the brunt of IT job cuts and startup meltdown in Silicon Valley

Attachment Issues

Why businesses that become hostage to cash cows become vulnerable

The Man Machine

What claims of Google’s artificial intelligence system turning sentient say about humans

TMC’s Three Gifts

… now every Goan can live on their own land

Tracking the Trackers

A recent study by a team of global researchers measures the intensity with which user tracking happens on Indian news websites, and it turns out that we beat all other countries hands down

Standing Up to Big Tech

Why Australia is telling Google and Facebook they are not bigger than governments

The Mystery of Paneer’s Presence

What’s it doing among what Google says people searched the most in 2020?

The Shape of Covid

What Artificial Intelligence may reveal about the coronavirus and a possible cure

Breaking Up Google

The US government’s attempt signals recognition of the dangers of tech monopolies

The New Evil Empire. Or Is It?

A search engine may turn us into useful data. Does that make Google a slave trader?


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