The Evolutionary Basis of Schizophrenia


The ailment is directly linked with the exact genes that make us human

The Cancer Lottery

Most tumours are not caused by lifestyle habits or faulty genes, but plain bad luck

Genes and Hangovers

A person’s DNA accounts for almost half the chance of getting a headache after a booze binge

Nature and Nurture

Genes play as important a role in a child’s learning as environmental factors

Ancient Friends, Modern Enemies

New research claims that even more than our genes, it is our bacterial composition that determines our health. And our happiness and moods

Heights of Evolution

Different genes are at work for Tibetans and Ethiopians in letting them survive high altitudes

Is Racism in Our Genes?

Probably, because tendencies to stereotype may be a result of genes that encode social fear.


...may have prospered through the attention early gay men lavished on their nephews and nieces.

Tale from the Head

Breakthrough DNA sequencing research takes us a step closer to knowing where we came from.

Taking the Pain out of Itching

Scientists have been able to use a neurotoxin to reduce the urge to scratch in mice


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