An Inspiration and a Journey

Roderick Matthews

It's complicated: India's Experiments with the ideal

Between Freedom and Control

The internal struggle of Central planning

The Right to Desire

Women need to fulfill their sexuality and conservative societies must give them the space for it

Sabyn Javeri: Inside the Veil

The Pakistani author Sabyn Javeri talks about the politics of the hijab and the role of writers in divided societies in a conversation with Shikha Kumar

Silence of the Scientists

A recently discovered letter by Galileo offers a clue to the tragic fate that befell the 16th century botanist Garcia d’Orta in Goa and reminds us of the value of freedom

Rahman Abbas: ‘English writers enjoy more freedom than us’

Urdu writer Rahman Abbas on the challenges of being defiant

Masih Alinejad: ‘What made me different was that I took action’

Iranian activist-journalist Masih Alinejad reveals the importance of saying no to repressive regimes in her memoir

A Permanent Struggle

Freedom requires sobering storytellers of the nation


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