The Theology of Liberation

Bibek Debroy

Freedom and fearlessness in the time of disruptions

The Passage of India

Freedom is a feminist struggle in Lakshmi Murdeshwar Puri’s debut novel

Hair-Rising in Tehran

Iranians are striving for an ‘ordinary life’, not a ‘heaven’ that is forced from within or without

Nationhood and Sisterhood

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s new novel traces freedom through a family saga

Lessons for India@100

There’s a difference between event management and brand-building

A Day in the Life of Bobby Khare

When a sweeper momentarily lost his freedom

The Great Balancer

The evolution of the Indian judiciary as a defender of both people’s rights and the state’s interests

Love and Labour

An intimate history of women searching for a more equal and dignified life

Into the Unknown

Journeys on a motorbike, a bicycle and on foot celebrate solitude and freedom


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