Love and Labour

Nandini Nair

An intimate history of women searching for a more equal and dignified life

Into the Unknown

Journeys on a motorbike, a bicycle and on foot celebrate solitude and freedom

Fearing for her life, Afghan TV anchor wants to leave Afghanistan

Shabnam Khan Dawaran, whose video exposing the Taliban went viral, says she continues to receive death threats

Return to Tora Bora

The crescent over Kabul today clarifies how America, on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, diminished the idea of freedom

Cartographer’s Day

Liberalisation of map-making is a gamechanger for the economy—but with this freedom, too, comes a big responsibility

Choice of One

Humanity needs the freedom to choose

The Power of Pursuit

Freedom is the ultimate reward of yoga

Who’s a Free Man?

Revelations from the karmic evolution of life

The Tyranny of Coronaphobia

I am concerned that the majority of people can be successfully terrorised into surrendering their individual freedoms, says Ramesh Thakur

Editor’s Note

The dispute over freedom remains unresolved


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