Finance Ministry

Rana Kapoor: No Banker

Moinak Mitra

How Rana Kapoor brought down the bank he built

Urjit Patel: Futile Fight

RBI Governor Urjit Patel’s rebellion will go nowhere

Sour South: Is there a bias?

Most southern states are up in arms against the disadvantage they fear they might suffer if the Central pool of tax funds is shared the way they suspect New Delhi wants. Their complaint is that they are being penalised for their good performance. Is there an anti-south bias?


The Modi team kept the abolition of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes under wraps

The Money Trap

Narendra Modi has declared war on black money. And how

D Subbarao: Lonely at the Top

A former RBI Governor returns to his problem with the government

Welcoming Foreign Money, Slowly

India opens up key sectors to investment from overseas but it may take a while to boost economic activity

The Sin of Profiting From Sin

On the demand for a ‘sin tax’ on cigarettes and alcohol in this year’s Budget

India’s new Income Tax Return forms

The revised forms don’t require bank balance details, disclosure of foreign trips or the expenses incurred on them


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