Everyday Heroines

Kanika Sharma

In praise of women who thrive in adversity

Change is Her

The year saw a shift from the theory of equality for men and women towards a practice of equality

‘Playboy made sexual abuse ordinary’

The American feminist writer Catharine MacKinnon says that sexual harassment has gone from being a privilege of power to a total disgrace

The Fall of Man

And a new moral system in the making

Burning Embers

The girls are coming out of the woods, bearing revelatory words

Epic Women

A modern retelling of a myth juxtaposes fate, morality and power with feminism

Muslim Women: The Long Road to Equal Rights

A breakthrough judgment but freedom for most Muslim women in India is a far cry. Let Parliament do its bit now

Kapila Venu: A Master of Restraint

Kapila Venu gives a feminist and modern twist to the ancient dance form of Koodiyattam

Ariel Levy: She Is Her Own Story

The author in conversation with Bhavya Dore

Anurupa Roy: ‘I Have an Angry Draupadi in Me’

Anurupa Roy re-imagines the epics with puppets


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