URI: The Surgical Strike Movie Review

Ajit Duara

The patriotism and nationalism that this movie triggers will only impact an audience for a few weeks

Bihar: The Great Election Scare

How political parties in Bihar increasingly use fear as a tool to draw Muslim votes


Labour or Tory, the 7 May election poses a big threat to the United Kingdom. JAMES ASTILL takes a train ride with Prime Minister David Cameron to gauge the mood of a politically broken Britain

Waiting for an English Narendra Modi

A new age of political adventure lies at the end of an election that might also decide whether Britain is one country or several

Bhoothnath Returns

Bachchan and the kid pull off some funny scenes, but then it gets all preachy on us

All Are Invited

Indian democracy has a surfeit of parties with peculiar agendas. A look at some parties that have emerged before this year’s general election

AAP: High on Hype?

A reality check for all those who are gung-ho about this new party’s all-India prospects

Narendra Modi and the Stockmarket

The Sensex’s celebratory air after the recent assembly poll results may be premature

Death of a 115-Year-Old

Chinnammu Bhadran’s Voter’s ID card says she was 115; relatives claim she was 20 years older

Marijuana Myths and the Mass Market

With India’s General Election due in less than a year, this is a good time to push for the legalisation of this drug


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