Comeback Bibi

Sudeep Paul

You must never write a premature political obituary of the longest-serving prime minister in a chaotic democracy

Dealing with Xi

The third-term dictator will be weaker than he imagines

The Red Emperor

Is Xi Jinping seeking to build fascism with Chinese characteristics?

The Wages of Profligacy

Behind the political anger directed at the Election Commission for asking parties to explain how they plan to fund their promised freebies lies an ever-growing threat to the Indian economy

A Tale of Two Congressmen

Together, Rahul and Tharoor make the best Congress story in the worst time of the party

EC proposes parties reveal how much freebies will cost

Draft proposal intended to improve accountability in politics and deliver a reality check on poll promises

The Afterlife of Political Posters

Ritesh Uttamchandani documents the comical and poignant end of election hoardings

Harvesting Hate

An insider’s account of how a few smart men mined and manipulated data to con the world

URI: The Surgical Strike Movie Review

The patriotism and nationalism that this movie triggers will only impact an audience for a few weeks

Bihar: The Great Election Scare

How political parties in Bihar increasingly use fear as a tool to draw Muslim votes


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