Open Diary

The bad journalism of NYT and the good news from Zimbabwe

Amartya Sen: ‘There’s a sense of fear in India today’

Amartya Sen in conversation with Aresh Shirali. Photographs by Rohit Chawla

Raj Chetty: Class Apart

A Harvard professor of economics, his views have found immense appeal among policymakers in the US

The Leadership Deficit

At a time when the country needs leadership, India is being managed by an able and dutiful economist who far too often forgets that he is supposed to possess a spine

New Bee in India’s Bonnet

It’s one of the most audacious auditing attempts on earth, putting nature on the balance sheet. Pavan Sukhdev, head of the UN Green Economy Initiative in Nagoya talks about India’s move towards a natural wealth economy

Why Hayek Matters

To most of us, Hayek means Salma. But the ideas of Nobel Prize-winning economist-philosopher Friedrich August von Hayek are perhaps more relevant today, to the world and to India, than ever before


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