The Banality of Offence

Illiberal instincts in the public square

Alarmism versus Atavism

Secular alarmists and cultural atavists have hijacked the discourse

Modi and the uses of dissent

The danger ahead: The idea that this Prime Minister can do no wrong may create its own McCarthyism

Dissent and Gag

A brief history of offence and censorship in India

The Problem of Our Laws

From anti-nuclear protestors to the Karmapa, the Government takes advantage of its labyrinthine procedures to coerce people

The Right to Disagree

What hope does a free exchange of ideas have in a litfest whose organisers themselves won’t stomach dissent?

Red China’s Party Blues

In the People’s Republic, the Party is all pervasive. But its enormous influence and intense secrecy mask inner impulses of dissent that could yet shake things up


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