Editor’s Note

S Prasannarajan

The new culture wars and the limits of dissent

The Toolkit of Dissent

Righteous and unforgiving, the dissident is the new ideologue

The Decline of Dissent

Or the intellectual deficit of protest today

Riot and Law

The right to peaceful protest is vital to democracy and needs protection

Subversive Truth

A Bengali novelist reimagines dissent

Nayantara Sahgal: Dissenting Note

Nayantara Sahgal tells Rajni George about a world where cruelty has become casual

The Banality of Offence

Illiberal instincts in the public square

Alarmism versus Atavism

Secular alarmists and cultural atavists have hijacked the discourse

Modi and the uses of dissent

The danger ahead: The idea that this Prime Minister can do no wrong may create its own McCarthyism


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