Revisiting the Pandavas

Bibek Debroy

The Mahabharata gives a dharmic reinterpretation of misfortune

The Illusion of Duality

True knowledge is realising the oneness of everything

The Survival of the Learned

Does a calamity allow you to deviate from dharma?

The Householder Dharma

Mortals can serve the gods by pursuing kama and artha

The Misery of a King

How Alarka learnt the difference between attachment and duty

The Education of a Prince

A king must delight his subjects but not violate his own dharma

The Dilemmas of Harishchandra

Caught between dharmic duty and heavenly call

Being Doubtful in a Secular World

The history of Indian disbelief adds a wrinkle to the story of modernity

Rama: A Reasonable Man

The Rama story is about being true to a pledge regardless of consequences


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