Found in Translation

Bibek Debroy

Arshia Sattar’s version of the Ramayana’s final book raises questions on Rama’s actions

The Dharmic Economy

The road to sustainable markets

The Sacred Cow: An Epic Stature

Reading the Mahabharata in search of the sacred cow

The Limits of Good Behaviour

There is nothing absolute in the good or the bad prescribed through a template--and that's the ultimate social dharma

Diplomatically Hindu

A provocative thesis questions the Western fundamentals of diplomacy and argues for an Indian way of engaging the world

The Case for Debate

Indian political discourse is not a lost cause. A good grounding in an old tradition could inspire a revival, argues the political philosopher Bhikhu Parekh

How We Valued Value

Wealth is a neglected domain in our scriptures because they were written by brahmins and that is also why artha is intertwined with dharma


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