Sujatha Gidla, Author


Social Conductor

Have You Burnt Your Mouth?

The triumphs and tragedy of Dalit food

When Will Babasaheb Emerge from the Storeroom?

The complexities of Dalit identity politics in Uttar Pradesh under BJP rule

The New Panthers

Will the BJP succeed in containing Jignesh Mevani’s aggressive Dalit identity politics?

Anatomy of a Pastiche

What we see in the name of Dalit politics and Ambedkarite discourse is an echo of old-style leftist talk coupled with Naxal grandstanding of yore

Historical Wrongs and the Present

Dalit assertion is no excuse for violence against neutral parties

The Marry Go Round

On meaningless social integration schemes that get pointless tweaks

Between Man and God

Dalit priests have found acceptance in neighbouring Kerala, but in Tamil Nadu, will the wait ever end for non-Brahmins to enter the sanctum sanctorum?

What Powers the Dalit Resurgence

A new generation of Dalit leaders are challenging the old order and defying social hierarchies of the heartland


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