The Karpoori Thakur Effect

Sajjan Kumar

Why Bihar’s icon deserves the Bharat Ratna

Peripheral Vision

A photographer looks at dalit lives through the lens of intimacy and isolation

Who’s Afraid of Sundar Iyer?

The Hindu coalitions of America lead caste reforms

Meat for Thought

A dispute in IIT Bombay reopens the debate over exclusive spaces for vegetarians

Saluting the Foot Soldiers

The freedom movement’s nameless legion

‘Inside big tech, privileged caste members use filters to keep others out of jobs, promotions’

Marilyn Fernandez, professor emerita in the Sociology department at Santa Clara University, California, in conversation with the author

Resistance Tongue

English has always been imagined as an ally of the Dalit struggle

Redeeming Babasaheb

The demand for our times is a nation-positive Ambedkarism and a Dharma-positive Dalitism

No End to Crimes against Dalits

Denied or delayed justice makes matters worse

The Fallacy of a George Floyd Moment in India

Can something so intrinsically tied to one country’s history be transplanted to another geography and polity?


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