Munnabhai of Basketball

Akshay Sawai

Ibrahim Lakadawala speaks like a celluloid cult character. But the former basketball player is using the sport to stop youngsters of Nagpada from becoming criminals.

Confessions of an Intelligence Officer

“Criminals will do anything to compromise a good officer. These days, they call TV channels, even help them do stings.”

Scotland Bard

Crime fiction maestro Ian Rankin on why detectives never marry, coffee with neighbours JK Rowling and Alexander McCall Smith, and tea conversations with Sharmila Tagore.

Remember That Face

It is hard to forget those who think they can get away with the very worst that humans are capable of.

The Many Perceptions of Rape

Doctors are surprised if the victim co-operates with them, for policemen wives cannot be raped by husbands, the defence tries to prove that the victim is a major because anyone over 16 is thought to have given consent, judges worry about marital prospects of victims…everyone expects this crime to fit into their picture

Encounters of the Modi Kind

The Gujarat police faces allegations of killing 20 people in 11 fake encounters


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