The Sixth Sense

Shylashri Shankar

Hold your breath, smart detectives are at work

India’s Most Wanted Movie Review

This is a reasonably watchable film that, unfortunately, goes off the radar every now and then

Tough Girls

From Udaan to Delhi Crime, women police officers are on a roll. Less so in real life

Hindi Horror Comics: The Vitality of Evil

From malicious mendicants to rats that rob dead bodies, Hindi horror comics are the perfect ghastly mix of the old and the new

Lust for Life

A first-hand perspective of Bengal’s prison systems

The Spy Who Survived

The untold story of Sergei Skripal

‘Our Technology Helps the Police Take Proactive Steps to Check Crime’

Atul Rai, Anurag Saini, Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Chetan Rexwal, Founders, Staqu

Murder Tailor-Made

How an unlikely serial killer in Bhopal took the lives of 34 truckers over a span of 11 years

Let’s Talk Rape

Rape is a jagged outcrop in the vast monotonous landscape of bad sex

Nothing Is Sacred

A chronicle of heritage heist


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