Cellular Tsunami

Virendra Kapoor

Why and at what age should children, not yet fit to get a driving licence, be exposed to the cellphone revolution?

The Demon in the Machine

The possibilities and limits of AI-authored thrillers

Natural Justice

Atiq Ahmed’s death is a wake-up call for those who supported him

The Life and Sudden Death of Atiq Ahmed

The killing of the gangster-politician and his brother is unlikely to affect Uttar Pradesh’s improved law and order

Delhi Noir

A father’s search for his daughter’s killer

Re-Dial M for Murder

Why thrillers continue to comfort us

A Killing In Prayagraj

The shooting of a key police witness in Uttar Pradesh follows an old script, turning the spotlight on a jailed don, while Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath promises to wipe out the politically affiliated mafia

The City of Loss

A familiar take on the dynamics of class differences and crime in the capital

The View from the Rear Window

Do the retellings of Hitchcock maintain the suspense?

Shot Through the Heart

A brief history of murder in intimate relationships


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