An American Spy in Iran

Shylashri Shankar

The return of a master and the moral content of thrillers

Of Crimes and Conceits

Masters heighten the suspense by playing with the genre

An Anatomy of the Mystery

What unites crime classics by masters and debutants

Serial Bungling

What the Nithari case says about police investigations in India

All Murders Are Imperfect

A sensational killing gets a life sentence for one of India’s leading artists

The Return of the Spy

Of ominous countryside and Machiavellian mandarins

Paths of the Psychopath

Three thrillers reveal the emotional cost of coping with killers

Mist Is for Mystery

The characters in Kohrra treasure their secrets more than their families

Killers and Conscience

Can serial killers make a moral point?

Intimate Watching

Detectives with cool, rational minds who need to see justice done


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