Who Is Charles Sobhraj?

Sampad Patnaik

Farrukh Dhondy’s portrait of an elusive and enigmatic character

The Death of Sidhu Moose Wala

The focus has again shifted to the gangster-insurgent nexus in Punjab, which many believe will have a lasting impact on how things unfold in the state in the coming days

The Death Trap

Why is the number of suicides among young Indian women rising?

Red-Light Dreams

A police procedural and sociological treatise set in Calcutta

The Trail of Trauma

The pandemic has seen an increase in cyberbullying. Experts feel a lot more needs to be done to help victims overcome the often life-altering psychological scars

The Swiftest of All Evils

The meanings and methods of online hate

Lady Killers

Our double standard on con artists

Antics and Antiquities

A new scam dents the image of Kerala’s elite

The Trouble with Gangster Flicks

Beholden to the idea of the good criminal, they only offer clichés


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