Have You Burnt Your Mouth?

Shylashri Shankar

The triumphs and tragedy of Dalit food

Be a Case Study on a Plate

My diet is now curated by science—and I’m happy


Eating scenes in films embody conflict or cooperation between the characters, inform or assign an individual or family’s place in society

Going Beetroot

Not feeling fruity? Go veg out

How to Win a Cooking Show

It helps if you can come across as creative, dogged, willing to take risks, and more importantly, may also fail. When you fail, you get face-time on TV because the sudden death or black apron episode will feature only you and a few others

The Cook, the Chef and the Gender Gap

Let’s assume that skill in the kitchen is gender-neutral. If so, why is a man more likely than a woman to be taken seriously as a chef? It is perception that creates the illusion of a distinction between men and women in the kitchen

You are the way you cook

If north and south Indians share a similar genetic structure and perhaps a ‘common origin’ in the Harappan civilisation, then what has given birth to the different techniques of cooking?

Who’s cookin’ Doc?

Popular cooking shows are tipping the gender balance in the conservative Indian kitchen

Confessions of an Amateur Cook

Experiments in the kitchen while reading Michael Pollan’s Cooked


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