Redeeming the Historian From History

Siddharth Singh

The much-misunderstood Sir Jadunath Sarkar gets his due—finally

Passion Play

Anand Ranganathan’s latest novel is a gripping tale of love and war set in the backdrop of the Mizo insurgency

Humanist at Home

Sunjeev Sahota’s Booker-shortlisted novel tells the story of illegal immigrants in Britain

Burke and India

Edmund Burke, the 18th century English philosopher-statesman, believed that Indians were systematically exploited by the East India Company, whose abuse of power led to the creation of one of the most degenerate species of government that the civilised world had ever seen

The Gospel According to Poddar

The amazing story of a man and his publishing house that reshaped Hindu nationalism

All’s Fair in War and Peace

An ambitious historical novel takes on the 20th century’s two great wars, with some hiccups

Late Harvest

A pioneering Dalit autobiography that offers a remarkable narrative on the many aspects of truth

The Long Journey of Ravan, Eddie and Their Creator

The final novel in Kiran Nagarkar’s trilogy takes his protagonists to the frenetic world of Bollywood and beyond

The Secret Memories of the Dalai Lama’s Brother

After a lifetime of international intrigue and Tibetan struggle, Gyalo Thondup tells his version of history

Liberty Lost

Wendy Doniger’s book on the Kamasutra reminds us of the dignities once afforded to women in our culture


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