My Name Is Khan

Ajit Duara

Gigantic in ambition, dwarfed in execution, KJo is back to doing what he does best.

Chance Pe Dance

Yet another simplistic movie about the red carpet dreams of a starry eyed traveller to tinsel town.

Bollywood’s Script Thieves

The Hindi film industry is notorious for lifting stories. Is there a solution?

‘In a Way I am Indebted to Farhan’

At his cosy apartment off Peddar Road in Mumbai, the director of India’s 1978 cult film Don is shaping his second innings in Hindi cinema. After a 31-year hiatus, Chandra Barot, 67, is raring to have one more shot at moviemaking.

The Instinct of Aamir Khan

How he understands his audience, how he uses his gift of curiosity, how he managed to tame the media and why he is a different man.

3 Idiots

A campy film about campus problems that is so much fun, it forgets the real issues it set out to critique.

ABCL, Aaj Kal

It seems the only thing ABCL-2 is scared of is ABCL-1.

Director’s Cut

Making a movie is all about having the patience to endure long intervals. This author has taken eight years, with several abandoned projects in between, to debut as a director in Bollywood.


As a Muslim ready to sacrifice self and community, Saif is excellent. But is the film too convincing for comfort?

‘I Got Bored of My Opulence’

Karan Johar is tired of playing it safe. He talks to Open on what age has to do with his new approach, why he apologised to Raj Thackeray and why Bollywood is looking beyond its own gene pool.


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