Welcome to the Hyperlocal

Kaveree Bamzai

The hunger for content close to viewer’s experience

Irrfan’s Life Lessons

What Irrfan said to his son when he told him he wanted to be an actor

Bollywood’s Urban Legends

Fiction masquerading as fact

Sudhir Mishra: The Rebel With Many Causes

What happens to a revolution the morning after, asks Sudhir Mishra, who returns to political filmmaking in a new web series set in kashmir

Party Politics

Each generation requires a champion who will remind newcomers why they came to Bollywood

An English Drought

And escaping into the cloudbursts of Indian imagination

Kantara’s Magic

The more local you become, the more global your work

Ram Setu: The Shallow Sea Bridge

The underwater land strip between India and Sri Lanka shuffles between myth, history, commerce and, now, Bollywood

Playing the Hunks

Two memorable male characters who seem to be the stuff of women’s fantasies

Pushing the Envelope

Indian films have tried to crack the Oscar enigma, without any luck


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