His Master’s Mind

PR Ramesh

He is as feared and admired a politician as his mentor. His strategic skills and organisational acumen are as legendary as the controversies that swirl around him are never-ending. PR Ramesh embarks on a journey in search of the real Amit Shah, variously described as the man who holds the key to Narendra Modi’s conscience, a ruthless artist of realpolitik , the smartest spin doctor in town and the man nobody dares mess with. A definitive portrait

BJP and the Post-Ayodhya God

On a closer read, the BJP’s manifesto ‘One India, Greater India’ is the party’s most definitive documentation of life after Ayodhya.

The Cub’s Last Roar

To retain his army, Uddhav Thackeray must deliver. He is counting on a BJP wave

Philosopher In Modi’s Durbar

The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate acquires a great communicator

It Was a Faith Accompli

Varanasi for Modi was chosen nine months ago. The inside story of how the House of Saffron took its boldest decision.

Sulk and Be Damned

Never learning from history: Can the disgruntled trio be party poopers of BJP?

Stirrings of a Right Revolution

Is it the end of Hindu victimhood?

The New Saffron High Command

The BJP has learnt enough from past mistakes to rid itself of its swadeshi image. This has led to heartburn among the old guard but the new leadership couldn’t be bothered

The Inconvenient Chief Minister

Both the BJP and Congress want to see Kejriwal fail, but he has a trump card they dare not ignore

Modi and Muslims

With his eye on 2014, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate is reaching out to Muslims like never before


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