Ahead of the Curve

Rajeev Bhattacharyya

BJP was battle-ready long before its opponents

Force Mamata

Did her opponents underestimate her soft power?

The Day of the Final Game Is Coming

Mamata Banerjee cannot take success for granted

The BJP Position

It is now established as a party of the Northeast and the only opposition in West Bengal

What’s At Stake?

Any number in three figures for the party will be a massive advance

The Voter Whisperers

Five BJP leaders and their groundwork in states where the party has never been in power

Who Will Win the Mind Game?

As BJP hopes to retain power through a tireless campaign, the opposition counts on ethnic and religious arithmetic

Among the Believers

The rise of grassroots Hindutva and anti-incumbency add to the BJP momentum in West Bengal

Is It Kerala in Present Continuous?

The leadership of E Sreedharan has boosted NDA’s morale


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