Political Partisanship

Virendra Kapoor

Ahead of the ODI World Cup final in Ahmedabad, a number of opposition leaders seemed concerned that BJP would try and capitalise on India winning the championship

Grain of Truth

Tracking paddy farmers who could decide the outcome of the battle between Congress and BJP in Chhattisgarh’s second phase

‘BJP is winning the war of narratives’

Union Minister and BJP’s Madhya Pradesh in-charge Bhupender Yadav says the party’s promises are credible and based on its record in office

On a Knife-Edge

It’s a keen contest in Madhya Pradesh where Rajeev Deshpande finds Congress trying to replicate its Karnataka winning model and BJP counting on popular welfare schemes

What’s At Stake?

The upcoming Assembly elections will provide BJP cues for the General Election next year

Congress’ Double Fault

The Congress resolution failed to name Hamas as the aggressor and media in-charge Jairam Ramesh said the party supports the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people

I.N.D.I.A. and Its Discontents

An Opposition alliance has unseated a strong incumbent at the Centre only when it has had a promise to sell and a charismatic leader. The anti-Modi alliance has neither while its own contradictions threaten to pull it apart

No Full Stops for Modi

Instead of giving himself what would have been a well-deserved break, Modi immediately attended public events that included a visit to BJP’s headquarters

Ladies First

Women’s empowerment has always been at the core of Prime Minister Modi’s vision for India


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