Political Power

Swapan Dasgupta

The end of bipartisan consensus on Indian foreign policy?

Why Modi Wins

He understands that a political party survives on ideology, but ideology withers if it is not nourished by ideas that work

From the Realistic to the Impossible

The principles that drive the Modi momentum

Modi and the Power of Pursuit

Before he became India’s prime minister, Modi was India’s chief minister

Bhupendra Patel: The New ‘Dada’ of Gujarat

The state’s new chief minister is a politician who has risen through the ranks

The Politics of Caste Census

What Modi has done over time, especially by providing public goods that were earlier local in nature, is to greatly weaken the salience of caste-based politics

Partisan Political Battles

Increasingly, competitive politics has been reduced to tweets and counter-tweets

The Measure of Moditva

Does the ‘F’ word apply to India?

India Deserves a Better Opposition

And Congress is perhaps best suited to serve the purpose


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