Rifts in Sena, Drift on Hindutva spark Maharashtra Crisis

Rajeev Deshpande

The decisions of Sena MLAs to bolt en masse have sealed the fate of the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi government -- irrespective of whether it hangs on a little longer

Why BJP Wins the Poor

It learned from the European experience that status war matters more than class war

A Resigned Sigh at CPM Summit

And a warning against underestimating BJP and its sway

The Gorakhpur Warning

The evidence of radicalisation behind the Gorakhnath temple attack poses a new security challenge for the Adityanath government

Delhi Reunited

A reunification of the corporations

Pushkar Singh Dhami: Being Bold on Civil Code

Pushkar Singh Dhami’s decision to formulate uniform personal laws in Uttarakhand conveys an unambiguous message but comes with its own challenges

The Homecoming of the Gods

With India making requests for stolen artefacts a part of diplomacy, the rate of return of lost treasures has increased from a trickle to a consistent flow

Who’s Afraid of the Hindu Vote?

The anti-BJP plank will resort to dividing the electorate along regional, religious, caste and linguistic lines in the run-up to 2024 despite the fact that such a strategy no longer yields the dividends it once did

BJP weighs Dhami’s `doer’ image in deciding Uttarakhand CM

Reinstating a chief minister who lost his seat is a tricky precedent to set


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