A Successful Final Lap

Amita Shah

Modi’s personal touch and women voters played a crucial role in BJP’s victory

Creating a Stakeholder Economy

Development and access to basic amenities are moving voters away from the traditional draw of caste and religion in India’s most politically significant state

Modi & the Monk

It was the ‘double-engine’ magic of Modi-Yogi at work in UP. In the run-up to 2024, the unambiguous message is that leaders like Adityanath will give no quarter to slow-footed rivals

Why Yogi Is Confident

Victory in the state will reaffirm BJP’s front-runner status for 2024 and secure a seat for the Chief Minister at the party’s high table

BSP More Credible than SP as Alternative to BJP, says SC Misra

Senior BSP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Satish Chandra Misra rebuts reports that BSP is lagging, says it represents all sections unlike SP or BJP that rely in creating insecurities in the minds of voters

Uttarakhand: The Hills Have Eyes

BJP hopes to ride Narendra Modi’s popularity and Pushkar Singh Dhami’s last-minute decisions back to power while Congress thinks it has more than a chance

Anger Management

The aesthetics of Indian politics—XII

The Yogic Way

The UP vote is more about Modi’s effect than about Modi himself

The Myth of Hindu Pakistan

Salman Rushdie is both right and wrong about India


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