BJP leader

Suhel Seth: Jaitley Was the Most Principled Man I Knew

Suhel Seth

This country is poorer without him. He was the moral compass and the bridge to a saner world. That bridge has gone

The Constant Counsellor

What made Arun Jaitley so special, and indeed indispensable, to the BJP and the Modi Government?

A Conservative Rooted in the Present

His nationalism was not paranoid even as his position blended the Sangh’s cultural pride with the demands of modernity

The Death of a Gentleman

Anecdotes from a generous life that enjoyed good friends and good food

The End of a Conversation

Stray thoughts on politics after the death of Arun Jaitley

The Artist of the Possible

Only Arun Jaitley could generate political consensus on GST

Master of Parliament

Wherever Arun Jaitley sat became the centre of Central Hall

A Politician of His Times

A consummate politician, he knew what it took to get things done


Why Hindutva’s street fighter refuses to deviate from his cause


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