BJP leader

The Endearing Paradoxes of Vajpayee

Mukund Padmanabhan

Sagarika Ghose brings out the qualities and contradictions of India’s most indulged prime minister in a new biography

‘Ours is not a battle with a communal agenda. It’s about the desire of a civilisation to survive‘

Himanta Biswa Sarma, Chief Minister of Assam, in conversation with Siddharth Singh

Smriti Irani: The Spellbinder

She was television’s favourite daughter-in-law. She carved out her space at the top of Indian politics. And now she turns writer with a thriller set in the Maoist heartland. How Smriti Irani juggles the many hats of her life

The Day after Yediyurappa

New Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai may not be a mass leader like his predecessor but he is a skilled consensus-maker

Demography Is Destiny

Identity still holds the key to West Bengal despite the pronounced economic disparities

Beware Yogi 2029

Why Adityanath strikes fear into the heart of the Left-Congress ecosystem

A Requiem for My Boss

Jaswant Singh (1938-2020)

Jaswant Singh (1938-2020)

Time stands still for a Gentleman

The House of Jaswant Singh

A classicist in politics for whom public life did not mean compromising on his moral inheritance


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