BJP leader

Demography Is Destiny

Moinak Mitra

Identity still holds the key to West Bengal despite the pronounced economic disparities

Beware Yogi 2029

Why Adityanath strikes fear into the heart of the Left-Congress ecosystem

The House of Jaswant Singh

A classicist in politics for whom public life did not mean compromising on his moral inheritance

Jaswant Singh (1938-2020)

Time stands still for a Gentleman

A Requiem for My Boss

Jaswant Singh (1938-2020)

Happy Birthday, Mr Prime Minister

The seclusion of a great leader is the inevitable outcome of the sensitivity of his office

Cancel Culture’s India Problem

When publishing house Bloomsbury withdrew their book Delhi Riots 2020

Politics without Arun Jaitley

I miss a dear friend who was also a teacher

A Crisis of Faith in Congress

The defection of Jyotiraditya Scindia highlights the changed nature of the Congress under Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka. Nehru’s ‘people’s organisation’ has converted itself into a band of rapacious men and women, devoted solely to furthering their families’ fortunes


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