Aamir Khan

Aamir’s Magic Dust

Rajeev Masand

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Dangal Movie Review

Dangal is unable to live up to its extraordinary hype

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Patience Pays | Catch Us if You Can

Family Guy

For Old Times’ Sake | Pocket Money

A Nation Apart

Can BJP afford an India divided?

The Intolerance Myth

Is India as wretched as it is being portrayed by a section of the intellectual class?

Ghosts of the FTII Agitation

Bollywood, intolerance and the consequences of taking art and culture so casually

Clash of the Box Office Titans

Aamir’s Off-Screen Role • The Diva Who’s Been Dropped

How to Be Respectful to the Queen

Cold Feet, Colder Words • The Obsessive Filmbreaker

Talk of the Town

Et tu, Aamir? • The Forbidden Tape


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