Cover Stories

Demonetisation: One Year After

Siddharth Singh

The performer’s boldest stroke

Narendra Modi 2017: Unabashedly Hindu

The politics of the Right becomes a cultural assertion

Marching for Jihad

The rise and rage of Popular Front of India

Don’t Panic

There is no painless route to structural reforms

Inside the Hate-Modi Industry

The visceral hatred for Modi is making many observers of politics lose their objectivity. In their desperation to see him on his knees, they find meanings where none exists

The Abandoned: Why Nobody Wants the Rohingya

A report from the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

Rohingya: The Exodus

The Rohingya fleeing military repression in Myanmar may have found temporary shelter in Bangladesh but the crisis is not over yet, and it is more than humanitarian

Modi’s Mandal: The Day of the Most Backward

Tapping the wrath of ‘lower’ OBCs is a strategy that the BJP Government expects will pay off as it goes ahead with a major overhaul of the backward quota system

The Frisson Isn’t the Same

Discard the handset and return to the dark hall. And cry


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