The Sound of Silence

Vivek Menon

Can the magic realism of birds bring peace to Colombia?

Woman, Land and Politician

The sexist statements by politicians against women in public life is a variant of the domestic aberration of wife beating

Yoga in America

It is not taught the way it is in India

The Fall of Man in the Age of Anger

What makes this text an indispensible addition to the canon of intellectual histories is not just the urgency of its argument but the delightful march-past of writers

State of Disgrace

What an attack on an actor says about Kerala


Raj Bhavan retention tricks, tentative legal tender and the Ministry for NRIs in Distress

An American Disorder

Five scenarios in case of a Trump trainwreck

The Disputed Ancestry of Taste

Who will choose the winner in vegetables versus meat?

The Return of Ideology

There's an ideological method in Trump's madness, and at its most fundamental level, it's all about what constitutes national identity


The very Indian unfair suffering of Vishal Sikka


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