Shylashri Shankar

Shylashri Shankar is the author of Turmeric Nation - A Passage Through India's Tastes

Serial Thriller

In the third of the Cormoran Strike whodunits, JK Rowling has four pyschopaths as potential suspects

10 November 2015
How to Win a Cooking Show

It helps if you can come across as creative, dogged, willing to take risks, and more importantly, may also fail. When you fail, you get face-time on TV because the sudden death or black apron episode will feature only you and a few others

10 November 2015
The Cook, the Chef and the Gender Gap

Let’s assume that skill in the kitchen is gender-neutral. If so, why is a man more likely than a woman to be taken seriously as a chef? It is perception that creates the illusion of a distinction between men and women in the kitchen

07 October 2015
In Defence of Fasting

The sequence of fasting, sacrifice, guilt, feast, guilt and pleasure creates the capacity in our tastebuds to experience food and drink with intensity. Something in the act of fasting kickstarts the taste glands and intensifies the pleasure

02 September 2015
Poison Pot

Perpetrators prefer using a poisonous delicacy when they want to get away with murder. Food offers a very convenient way of avoiding detection. Despite all his precautions, rumour has it that even the Roman Emperor Augustus could not escape being slowly poisoned to death by his wife

05 August 2015
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Feaster

To contemplate the art of being idle, of pottering around, drinking a tall glass of ice cold buttermilk or lemon soda, and nibbling on a cold grapefruit and hot peanut salad, seems an apt subject for the long hot summer

02 July 2015
Food: Gourmands versus stoics

At birth, we all have about 10,000 taste buds scattered on the back, sides and tip of the tongue. But just like with the brain’s grey cells, we still don’t know why some use more of their taste buds than others

27 May 2015
You are the way you cook

If north and south Indians share a similar genetic structure and perhaps a ‘common origin’ in the Harappan civilisation, then what has given birth to the different techniques of cooking?

29 April 2015

Just as one adds a pinch of sugar or jaggery to balance the acidity of a tomato or tamarind, the sleuth’s savouring of a dish offsets and highlights the demon-like aspects of the crime

01 April 2015
Greeks, Dukes And the Art of a Perfect Diet

The problem we face today in India and many other parts of the world is that we straddle two conflicting ways of thinking about the relationship between health, food and taste

11 March 2015


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