Leicester City A Football Fantasy

James Astill

A mid-sized English club shakes up and cheers up the football world

India Between the Noise maker and the Conversationalist

Haunted rebels, nationalists on steroids, and a walk-and-talk man called Sri M

The Sin of Profiting From Sin

On the demand for a ‘sin tax’ on cigarettes and alcohol in this year’s Budget

Let the Romance Linger

Nalini R Mohanty recalls a time when every 24 hours seemed to send the pulse of JNU racing to a revolutionary precipice

House Husband in Heels

The Superhero’s Lady Love • The Film Everyone’s Excited About

Where’s Modi’s Rajdharma?

Why the Gujarat political model is a bad idea for the entire nation

Editor’s Note

It is Narendra Modi moment as one of democracy’s most popular leaders to play out the script of the India Ideal: the liberal state rising from the last wreckage of the socialist mind. Freedom is about daring—and he should know

Editor’s Note

To indulge in the brutality of turning one of the most sophisticated intellects in politics into a one-dimensional man is a crime against good taste

The Calm Before the Zika Storm

Will Aedes Aegypti, the hardy mosquito behind dengue and chikungunya outbreaks, bring the Zika virus to India?

JNU and the Price of Sedition

The dangers of making seditionists out of comic-strip revolutionaries


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