Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh: True Grit

Lhendup G Bhutia

One of India’s finest sportsmen who battled without fear on the field and against cancer

Ranji Trophy: Game Over

The tragic demise of Ranji Trophy


From favourites just two years ago, India’s chances of defending the World Cup now seem remote

Not Just a Cock-and-Bull Story

The world’s most virile bull, still a virgin at six, is more expensive than a Ferrari. In a remote village in Haryana, we find the loneliness of Yuvraj more expressive than the reproductive business he runs

Between Cricket and Cancer

Yuvraj Singh’s account of how he got into the game and battled cancer is a surprisingly engaging read

‘We cried the day the team was announced’

In conversation with Shabnam Singh, Sanath Jayasuriya, R Ashwin and Ajinkya Rahane

Yuvraj Singh’s Cancer

In lung seminoma, the cancerous growth can be the size of a golf ball. But the germ cells that cause it are responsive to chemotherapy

The Making of a Champion

Father Yograj Singh pushed Yuvraj hard as a child. Do Yuvraj’s star turns for India make a case for pushy parenting?

‘This Time, It’s Different’

The ‘gamechanger’ cliché sits well on him. A man of great talent by any reckoning, Yuvraj Singh will need to be at his best for India to go the distance. Over dinner at his house in Delhi, he spoke at length about the upcoming biggie


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