The Great Wall Against China

Shashi Tharoor

The new balance of power after BRICS expansion

Open Decade (2009-2019): Editor’s Note

The rustle of our pages came from a fast evolving society’s political and cultural churn. We never wanted the argument to stop; we held a perceiving mirror up to it

Romancing the Distance

Around the world in a literary relay race of sorts

American Hustle

Testing times for the bilateral relationship

It’s Not All That Bad

An argument against negativity

Politics on a Pedestal

A deconstruction of the statue culture

On the Road to Damascus

The war may not be over yet but Syria begins to rebuild from the ruins. What’s there for India as China monopolises the reconstruction contracts? Anchal Vohra reports from Damascus

Mumbai Notebook

The world's most liveable cities

Regaining a Little Bit of India

The liberation of Mosul redeems a piece of history

1000 Days of Modi

In politics, it is a rare moment of restoration. There comes a time when it takes the absolute submission of an individual to his own calling, defying the cosy assumptions of his time and tribe, to redeem the world he inhabits


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