weight loss

Let’s Talk Keto

Dr Ambrish Mithal

There’s no shortcut to healthy weight loss

Fast Forward: Is Fasting Good for Health?

Intermittent fasting finds takers in India as a fitness regimen

Mumbai Notebook

The media frenzy over a bariatric surgery

The Body Politics of Taste

What our ancestors ate continues to influence our palate

In Pursuit of a Slim Silhouette

‘Weight loss’ is the mantra of middle-aged Indian politicians

Sweet Nothings

Contrary to popular belief, sugar-free products do not really help us lose weight.

Confessions of a Weight Loss Centre Masseuse

“After a while, massaging a body becomes an addiction. On my off day, my mind keeps saying, ‘Give me a body to massage.’”

GM: The Rogue Diet

As GM files for bankruptcy, a tribute to a great hoax called the General Motors Diet which among many things impending brides do


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