Vikramaditya Motwane

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

India’s most imagined underworld gets world-class treatment in a Netflix drama

Bhavesh Joshi Movie Review

It is surprising that a film maker who made a movie as rich in characterisation and as moving in emotional resonance as Udaan can run out of juice

Saif’s Acid Test

The Release Date Crisis | All in Good Humour

Movie Review: Trapped

This is a movie that, sad to say, is a no-brainer that shocks you with its sheer predictability

Life After Failure

A Portrait of Sanju Baba • How to Avert a Domestic Squabble

The enigma that is Sunny Leone

Parallel Lives and Discord • Propaganda No One’s Buying

Bollywood’s shifting tides

Priced Out • Mobbed by a Bevy of Wannabes

‘I feel like a stranger in a strange city’

Khar, now an affluent enclave of the city, was once a small suburb, dotted with bungalows and modest buildings.


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