Balcony of Big Things


The Theatrics of the Light and Sound-Show

Save the Arts

Who says culture and the arts are only for the elite?

Capitalism and the Fall of Man

Two plays and one big message from London

Enduring Drama

The retelling of two classics—Harold Pinter’s Betrayal and Arthur Miller’s The Death of a Salesman—affirms the relevance of theatre as an art form

Mumbai Notebook

On Girish Karnad and competitive suffering

Rama Vaidyanathan: Fine Balance

Rama Vaidyanathan expertly treads the line between classicism and popular appeal

Mumbai Notebook

The city's black spots and bright performances

No Curtain Call

Censorship takes centrestage

God Is No More

Alyque Padamsee (1928-2018)

Koodiyattam: The Third Rebirth

The oldest surviving Sanskrit theatre tradition returns in its original long form


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