Summer reading

The Reigning Ideas

Siddharth Singh

The vagaries of the democratic world

Sultans & Psychedelics

Novelist Bill Clinton and a new Rachel Cusk in the next couple of months

Wild Things

The many shades of magic

Life In Stanzas

Kabir is the new cool and lunch has become verse

A Time to Thrill

Beware the woman in the window

Grey Matter

From a murderous maid to a ruminating lover

Crime and Nourishment

Our contributor offers a noir formula to thriller seekers

I Know What You Will Read This Summer

An American master on mortality, a Nobel laureate on New Russia and more. Bibliotherapy for the summer

I know what you’ll read this summer

Ranging from old school murder mysteries and a New York City cop drama to a World War II whodunnit and a weird little railway adventure, six thrillers for this summer


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