Shah Rukh Khan

Sex, Lies and Gossip

Madhavankutty Pillai

Besides gossip, just what exactly does anyone have to show that Shah Rukh Khan got a pre-natal sex determination test done?

Shah Rukh Gets Adventurous

Shah Rukh Gets Adventurous • Not Easy to Topple Sajid Khan • No Performance Bonus

Wanted: a Dance Partner for SRK

Wanted: a Dance Partner for SRK • Shadow of Hrithik’s Past • Twice Rejected, Won’t Be Shy

Star Trek Into Darkness

A super villain whose name is Khan, a confusing plot and some superb action

The Absentees

The Absentees • One for the Self-Help Book • Some Unusual Weight Gain

Role Call

Role Call • Business of Enmity • The Triangular Truce

Mr India’s Successor

Mr India’s Successor • Last Breath Saloon • Righteous Interruptus

Evening of Newcomers

Evening of Newcomers • Calling a Truce • The Comeback Distraction

Isolation of Priyanka

The Isolation of Priyanka • What Mystery? • The Star Who Scrammed

The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple • How Berlin was Captured • Indecent Proposal


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