Shah Rukh Khan

Returning to a Blockbuster

Makarand R Paranjape

Why a pastiche of Hollywood action flicks is an allegory

What the Star Foretells

The Pathaan momentum tells a story larger than its action hero

The Give and Take Formula

With Pathaan, the idea of the Indian cinematic universe is here to stay

Pupils and Patriots

Comic book retellings to the great Indian family story

The Rise of Hollywood

The box-office revenue of a single movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, is actually almost as much Hollywood movies made in 2013

Bollywood after Sushant

The after-effects of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death have initiated a lot of value-based changes

Love and Labour

An intimate history of women searching for a more equal and dignified life

Brand, Baaja and Baaraat

What really matters is the passion quotient

Showbiz and Narcotics: A Bad Trip

Showbiz helps fuel drugs as a lifestyle choice while a high-profile arrest underscores Mumbai’s status as the ultimate party town

Sunset on Khan Market?

After three decades of entertaining India and the diaspora, the era of Bollywood’s reigning trinity seems to be fading out


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