Shah Rukh Khan

The Age of Manxiety

The urban shift from patriarchy to masculinity has elevated self-made men but also increased their sense of vulnerability

The Power of Presence

The charisma of film stars remains at the heart of engaging audiences

Nation First

Kinetic patriotism propels the spy universe

Raghav Chadha’s Post Wedding “Blues”

Politics | Business | Entertainment

Shah Rukh Khan: Citizen Khan

The reinvention of Shah Rukh Khan as an action hero with a conscience

Smells Like the 2000s

Are we back in the early noughties?

Shah Rukh Skips the Media

You may or may not have noticed but Shah Rukh Khan has quietly refused to submit himself to any media interviews now

Returning to a Blockbuster

Why a pastiche of Hollywood action flicks is an allegory

What the Star Foretells

The Pathaan momentum tells a story larger than its action hero


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