Pheromone Parties: Scent and Sensuality

Sonali Acharjee

Using olfactory science to help you sniff out the perfect match

Eggs on A Breast

Preparing your body for lovemaking has its own charm

Here Come the Bum-Biters

Paraphilia is the new normal. But can you ever really love a pervert?

Addicted to Sex: Ecstasy & Agony

Can therapy break the taboo of hypersexuality?

Can’t Stop Drooling

How the eroticification of popular media is changing urban desires

Pheromone Deception

That magic spray to attract someone to you simply doesn’t exist, says a new study

In Praise Of The Androgyne

An elemental reunion of the sensuous and the erotic

The New Sexual Extremism

On the dangers unleashed by the Supreme Court’s determinedly archaic judgment on Section 377

Right to Sexuality

Why the Supreme Court verdict upholding Section 377 is a loss for everyone

Glossy Coat

The feminist movement may have its problems, but they can’t be solved by a fashion magazine makeover


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