Sex and the Saint

In every domain of life, he was a player of infinite games and, therefore, his worldview becomes, in some ways, quite inaccessible to us. We have to remember that one of the litmus tests of Gandhi, and he’s absolutely firm about it, is that you never do anything to someone else that you do not first do to yourself. You never make a demand of someone else that you do not first make of yourself

As Long As…

The length of the Indian penis and other sexual matters

Separating Power from Sex

Post #MeToo can we reclaim the role of the erotic as a way of life?

The Right to Desire

Women need to fulfill their sexuality and conservative societies must give them the space for it

What Does a Woman Want?

The politics of desire

Unity in Diversity

India’s relationship with desire

Sexual Choice in Hindu Tradition

With our technical 'superiority' we are too dishonest with ourselves to admit what nature in profusion shows all around us


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