Punk Resistance in Putin’s Russia

Ullekh NP

In her new book, Russian-American writer Masha Gessen puts the spotlight on the spirit of defiance that marks Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot

From Russia with Bolly Love

An Indian theme party in St Petersburg reveals just how well India’s soft power is working in these parts

Vladimir Putin

He could rule for a further 12 years, which would make his a 22-year-rule

Goa’s Reigning Mafiosi

There is no mistaking Russian muscle in this tourist heaven, but the presiding bad guys are decidedly Goan

Diplomatic Convergence

Moscow and New Delhi are updating an old friendship. Vladimir Putin’s visit to India has made that much clear.

Max Phone

This HTC Max 4G will be a collectors’ item soon. It is the first 4G phone to the market. But don’t import it just yet


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