In Stalin’s Shadow

Dhiraj Nayyar

A portrait of Putin from a Georgian perspective

Leading the Global South

BRICS+ as a non-Western bloc can better meet the needs of developing nations

Prigozhin’s Legacy

Why modern private armies just won’t be tolerated by governments

Pakistan army’s supremacy can be traced to how early rulers sought to overcome disadvantages with India: Ayesha Jalal

In the first decade of independence, Pakistan’s top leadership solicited the assistance of the US and joined anti-Soviet security alliances

The Normalisation of Trump

He has made the choice between prison and power a very ordinary matter in politics

The Indefatigable Defender

S Jaishankar excels as Narendra Modi’s negotiator-in-chief on foreign shores and charms crowds with his repartees

Limits of the Free World

Who’s winning the new Cold War?

The New Balance of Power

India will need to navigate the world’s emerging geopolitical divides


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