Demonetisation: Two Weeks Notice

Madhavankutty Pillai

The real test for demonetisation’s popularity will be in December, when it’s time for salaries

Demonetisation Demythified

Of white, black and double black

The Money Trap

Narendra Modi has declared war on black money. And how

The RBI’s Next Owl

Let’s hear it for—and from—Governor Urjit Patel

Prove the Sceptics Wrong

They don't think we can achieve price stability. But they said the same of self rule

Welcoming Foreign Money, Slowly

India opens up key sectors to investment from overseas but it may take a while to boost economic activity

Raghuram Rajan: The Big Bank Theorist

When the world is hurtling through economic crises and India stands relatively unhurt, the credit, in no small measure, goes to Raghuram Rajan

Four Bonds, a Numeral and Common Sense

The masala bonds to be traded on the LSE are a timely idea, but for these to acquire a reputation for safety, global investors would need to be assured of the rupee’s stability

Rajan’s Symphony No 0.5 in Alpha Major

The sforzando of Raghuram Rajan’s music is his half a percentage point rate cut, a dramatic easing of credit that could be just the stimulus India’s economy needs

It’s the Governor, Stupid!

The widening rift between the Finance Ministry and the RBI takes a heavy toll on the economy


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