₹2000: A Brief Note

Siddharth Singh

The withdrawal of the ₹2000 note is unlikely to have a negative impact on the economy but it will certainly check corruption

Slaying an Old Demon

Without doubt, demon significantly spurred the formalisation of the Indian economy

GST is Here to Stay

Its basic structure will endure

The State of Stability

India is nowhere near Sri Lanka’s or Pakistan’s financial predicament

Crypto Craze

How India is catching up with the possibilities of the newest money

Rage against the Machine

Urjit Patel provides a critique of fiscal overreach

Economic Realism

The Government has finally given up excessive populism and its dread of the suit-boot label

The Missing Pieces

Puja Mehra skilfully unpacks India’s economic dysfunction

It’s the Regulator, Stupid!

Prescriptions for easy business


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