With the RBI Looking Away

Alam Srinivas

Even a 1 per cent mismatch in receipts implies that there are opportunities to generate $2.5 billion a year in black money

Debt in Disguise?

The RBI wants equity to be equity, with no guarantee of a payback. But foreign PE firms insist on fixed returns on investments

The Third Wave

The RBI raises several issues ahead of the third round of licensing for new private banks. But there are no clear answers yet.

Beautiful Minds

The tradition of brilliance in the corner room at the RBI headquarters has continued down the years.

Business Briefing 24/04

RBI Gently Does It; Salad Days Are Over

Double Barrel Duvvuri

RBI is betting on growth but inflation is a concern.

The Vital Hour

How India tackles the economy at this critical juncture could make the difference between staying in the current slump and returning to high growth in 18 months

How Bad Is the Economy?

The fiscal year 2008-09 is at its end, and everyone is cheering its demise. Although we won’t know yet, the news (conveniently after the election results are out!) will not be good.


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