Rajiv Gandhi

Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

Why pollsters fail to detect an electoral wave

LK Advani: Man of the Movement

LK Advani was the original apostle of hardcore Hindutva and the man who mobilised India for the sake of Rama

In Good Company

Attending the English classes at Cambridge

‘A ban on triple talaq isn’t enough. We need tough laws to punish violators’: Arif Mohammad Khan

Arif Mohammad Khan speaks to Executive Editor Ullekh NP on a range of issues, including the ongoing tussle over triple talaq, polygamy, Muslim insecurity and Constitutional propriety. Excerpts:

The Day Before

A pithy account of the Indian intervention in Sri Lanka that culminated in tragedy

News of a Killing

This eyewitness account is a first step towards filling the information gap of the 1987 Hashimpura massacre

The Outsider

This book on the year of liberalisation misses the secrets of Narasimha Rao’s agenda

Feast Most Foul

Everyone wants to adopt Rajiv Gandhi’s killers

Jayalalithaa’s Mercy is Politically Savvy

The Tamil Nadu CM’s decision to free all convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case will boost the AIADMK’s fortunes in the Lok Sabha polls

The Centre insists on death for Rajiv Gandhi assassins

Argues convicts not traumatised, took part in cultural events


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