Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Thread

Ira Mukhoty

The sartorial expressions of the Queen’s soft power

Envy of the World

Britain’s political continuity

The Queen’s Feast

How the palace menu reflects both personal choices and social realities

The Crown and India

Hindi movies celebrate the longest-reigning Queen but condemn her empire

A True Countrywoman

King Charles III must remember that royalty needs charisma to succeed

Evaluating History

Why it doesn’t matter if the British were benign

The Power of Absence

In the Elizabethan code of leadership, unspoken words and unshown emotions could move a people

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022): The People’s Monarch

As the second Elizabethan age ends, and a new monarch takes over, he will need her wisdom, her wit, and her unending appetite for working for others

Exile and the Kingdom

How a penniless European prince became the longest serving royal consort


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